Best Practices For Determining Compensation

eTXDigiPayroll is exceptionally straightforward, adaptable and User-friendly Payroll Management platform that deals with  identifying with representative’s data and pay estimation. eTXDigiPayroll maintains the records of the resources, tracks leave adjustments, processes the payout and produces all Statutory and MIS reports.

eTXDigiPayroll Features Includes

Customized Features


Email pay slips and IT projection instead of printing them (to group of employees or individually) giving tremendous cost saving.

Arrears Calculation

You may set up rules for each allowance and deduction whether they affect arrears or not.

Bank Statement

Bank Statement for direct salary transfer to individual employee bank account.

T.D.S (Income Tax)

Tax Projection with expected TDS to be deducted from the current month’s salary. Generation of From 16/16 AA, From 12-BA, From 24Q eTDS, From 27A and ITNS 281 challan of Income Tax.

Import Existing Data

Past records which are stored in excel format can be easily imported which helps to quick GOlive.

Letter Writing

Provision to define multiple letter templates to ease the communication with employees.


Dynamic Org charts, Tree structure, Charts and graphs on net salary or any user define formula or employee count/ department, branch basis etc.

Report Writer

Besides the statutory reports and monthly payslips & MIS reports user can design his own customized reports with powerful report writer tool.

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